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Brown County Music Center

The Brown County Music Center is a 2017-seat live performance venue at 200 Maple Leaf Blvd in Nashville, Indiana. The center was about a decade in the waiting after the Little Nashville Opry burned in 2009, which left an entertainment gap in the lives of Brown County residents. The vision behind the center was to bring the same energy and love that the old venue brought to the community but modernized for the needs of today’s music lovers and fans. The venue was set to open in late August-early September but held a soft opening in August to show off the art chosen for decorations as well as test out the sound systems to make sure that they were perfect for the viewing and listening experiences that the owners want for their patrons. August 24 is recognized as the opening date with Vince Gill as the opening act.

About Brown County Music Center

The Brown County Music Center is located at 200 Maple Leaf Boulevard, Nashville, IN 47448. It’s situated on the limits of Nashville, a small town in rural Indiana. The area consists of forests, covered bridges, and small hamlets.

It’s also home to one of Indiana’s most popular live music venues. Nashville has strong artistic roots, meaning locals go the extra mile to ensure visitors to Brown County Music Center have a fantastic visit.

The story of the venue is forever linked to another local musical center — the Little Nashville Opry. This performing arts locale hosted many of Nashville’s visiting musical acts until it suffered a devastating fire in 2009. Local people immediately began plans to replace the venue, leading to the construction and opening of the Brown County Music Center in 2019.

This venue continues Nashville, Indiana’s proud musical heritage. Visitors come from all over the region to attend shows. Indianapolis is around one hour from Nashville, while smaller towns like Bloomington are within easy reach. Some performers even draw crowds from outside the state.

On the upcoming events list, you’ll often find rock, country music, bluegrass, and almost every other genre. Comedy and theatrical performances are also popular. Likewise, the venue showcases local talent while attracting a constant stream of household names to its stage.

Brown County Music Center history

Brown County Music Center opened in 2019. Its arrival brought a much-needed boost to the local area, which had suffered almost a decade without a live music venue after a fire destroyed the Little Nashville Opry.

Built with state-of-the-art sound and staging technology, the venue attracted top performers straight away. Vince Gill played the opening show in August 2019, with acts like Rick Springfield, Chicago, and Jeff Beck following shortly after.

Currently, the venue hosts up to 100 events each year. This includes rock and pop shows, with country music, comedy, and artistic performances also popular. The Brown County Music Center operates as a not-for-profit, donating a percentage of revenue to local good causes.

The venue today

Today, the venue is a picturesque part of Nashville’s Brown County community. Nestled on the banks of Salt Creek and less than one mile from Indiana’s largest state park and the village of Nashville, the music center is set to bring tourism and the love of live performance art to town. The owners have already arranged a full season’s long schedule of shows ranging from concerts from the best musicians and bands in rock, blues, country, jazz, and more to special events and live shows to surprise guests or celebrate the holidays. The venue’s design was made so that fans could enjoy top-level acoustics and great live music as well as the scenic vistas and areas around the Midwest. Every show brings guests and patrons through the untouched acres of forest that surrounds Brown County to reach the front door and the lavish decorations and facilities that could only come from Nashville Indiana.

Before or after the show, guests, visitors, and patrons can also enjoy the village of Nashville that offers a mix of specialty shops, eclectic arts and crafts, a local music scene, and other treats to make your visit to the Brown County Music Center all the more meaningful. When you take a trip down to the music center, you are doing more than enjoying world-class music and performance art, you are also taking part in one of the country’s best vacation spots.

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